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It all started with my mother, who took me to the kitchen with her every time she cooked, and let me taste the wonderful delicacies in the kitchen
And the magic that happens when you go in there
When I came to the US, I looked for the familiar food,
I missed my mom's food.
So I just started doing it here
And now I invite you to enjoy this wonderful food with me.

I am a private chef with extensive experience in food, in the kitchen, in restaurants

And I, Mom's little chef, invite you to an extraordinary culinary experience
Real home food for the whole week
Custom menu
Menu for events
Table arrangement
Social events
Deliveries to you

Talk to me today!
I'm here for you!

 -חומוס אליפות, אמאל'ה - 

Tomer cohen

 WOW. ITS Delicious! love the dough with meat i will defnitely order agaun! 

David Oppen

 אכלתי הרבה חומוס כמעט בכול מקום בעולם שהייתי בו, אבל זה ברמה אחרת 


 I'm not Israeli, but my wife is and I enjoy experiencing the flavors she talks about